Saturday Fun!

What a fun Saturday spent with my sister-in-law, Kathy, who introduced me to beading just about a year ago. We started out at Nicholas Kniel’s whimsical home embellishment store, a wonderland of buttons, ribbons, feathers, flowers, fantastic millinery and more. Then we popped into Beadazzles before venturing over to the Down the Street Bead Show. I had not attended this show before, and was surprised and pleased to find several of my favorite local bead stores exhibiting there. I liked the smaller size of the show, which allowed us to actually look at every table. Kathy and I both ferreted out a few treasures for future projects.

We stopped by Georgia Tech to tempt Dani away from her busy schedule of work and study to join us for dinner at Fritti’s. Can’t think of a better way to spend a week-end, or better company!

Wish this camera angle showed more of Kathy's fabulous necklace, which garnered compliments everywhere we went!

A strand of tourmaline, cabs, a button and lots of seeds. A few of the day's finds:

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