Changing Everything. Still.

The cross.

Can you turn any direction without seeing one? Perched atop a chapel. Carved into a graveyard headstone. Engraved in a ring or suspended on a chain. The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. An odd choice, don't you think? Strange that a tool of torture would come to embody a movement of hope.

Would you wear a tiny electric chair around your neck? Suspend a gold-plated hangman's noose on the wall? Would you print a picture of a firing squad on a business card? Yet we do so with the cross. Why is the cross the symbol of our faith? To find the answer look no farther than the cross itself. Its design couldn't be simpler. One beam horizontal--the other vertical. One reaches out--like God's love. The other reaches up--as does God's holiness.
(An excerpt from Max Lucado’s He Did This Just for You.)

When I want to read inspiring words, I turn to Max Lucado. When I want to bead something unique, I turn to inspiring teachers, Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour, at BeAd Infinitum. This Greek cross pendant is from their Night Sky pattern and reminds me of an image you might find in an illustrated manuscript.

The cross. Changing everything. Still.

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