All Roads Led to...


Or at least for our family yesterday. After we were satisfied that Dani was safely in the air on her way to Rome (It.) to meet with her client for her Senior Design project, Dan and I headed to Rome (Ga.) for the Student Art Show at Berry. The Honors exhibition features work created during the year of the show, from all the classes taught in the program, and Chase had 11 pieces exhibited from his sculpture and printmaking courses. He took third place at the show with this print, Lyon's Feet.

Katie, Chase’s girlfriend, also had her work, Transformation: Stapler, exhibited at the show.

I heard from Dani this morning. The 9 hour flight stretched to 11 after circling the airport for a good while in the fog. After landing, she checked out her accommodations, strolled through an open air market, and was drinking cappuccino in a little cafĂ©. When in Rome…

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