Clio Earrings

My designs have been mainly one of a kind, but for my first time exhibiting in an Art Show later this month, I wanted to create a collection, a grouping that, although not identical, shared strong commonality. After creating a series of lariats, a theme developed – Modern Botanical – and 3mm rondelles quickly emerged as my signature design element. 

But how to use them in earrings?  Stacking them in mini-chunks, and dangling them in clusters made for great pairings with my lariats, but I also needed to find a way to use them in stand-alone statement earrings.
Calliope Earrings by Fusion Beads
I found this Calliope design among Fusion Bead’s Inspiration Projects, and stitched it up to see how it would translate in my more restrained color palette.

Although I liked the result very much in these autumn neutrals, I felt the flat circle and picot edging were out of synch with the rest of my collection.  Modifications were in order!

Switching out the flat circle component with a larger round wire component allowed me to keep the same diameter, but lose the fringe. My rondelles were a little smaller than the ones Fusion Beads used in their design, and I found that stacking mine gave me a more pronounced negative space. I was going for a flower, but ended up with a stellate (our botanical word of the day, meaning star-shaped). Still within my Modern Botanical theme! Since the original version was named after the Greek Goddess Calliope, I named mine in honor of her more practical sister, Clio.

As I created them in lots of colors, I documented the steps in my journal. Although I could stitch them in my sleep right now, this will head off that moment of design panic if someone asks for one six months from now!

My favorite colorway this season is still the awesome combination of Bright Cobalt, Royal Blue and Aluminum.


  1. What a fantastic series! Love the colors you're using

  2. Gorgeous earrings I am really loving the design. I believe you will not have these for long. Best wishes on the Art Fair.

  3. Your earrings are gorgeous! I love what you came up with - and that last set is beautiful!!! Also, great idea of writing done what you did - I sure need to start doing that especially with colors I come up with when enameling ;)

  4. Beading in circles around a circle, my very favorite thing!!! I Love These ~ the color choices, the design, the smoother outer beaded circle, the way the eye is drawn to the center and not the outside, the star shape you have brought to the center...all of it is spectacular!

  5. what ever happened to these lovely blogs...i guess bead artists wax and wane?? limelight and regroup? anyway, i still appreciate Karin's beautiful work, here!!