Catching Up...

We have some catching up to do! In the two months I’ve been away from this space, I have been beading…

Finished this summer, and now my favorite Fall necklace. Herringbone strands in
22K gold, palladium and metallic bronze. Sliding focal is adapted from Mikki Ferrugiaro's
Chrysanthemid 2 tutorial.

and applying to fall shows…and learning new things like riveting and sawing and twining.

Last month, I spent five magical days at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, in the Tennessee mountains, diving into the art of enameling on metal with Mary Hettmansperger. (I know! Can you imagine getting to spend a week with Mary?) 

Mary Hettmansberger, demonstrating a technique to our class. Studio hours were 8am-1am, and
rarely did we hike back up the hill toward our lodges before midnight!
I brought home a ton of techniques and am just beginning to explore ways to incorporate them into my beadwork.

And now, it’s time to catch up with what you’ve been doing. I’m using the rest of this week to check up on everyone’s blog. I want to find out what you’ve fallen in love with over the summer!