have a little faith...a true story

If you like Mitch Albom’s commentary on ESPN (Mitch is the only reason I look up from my beading when Sports Reporters is on), then you’ll enjoy this book because he writes in that exact voice. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

It’s the story of a pastor of a rundown church and the rabbi of a large, established synagogue, one black, one white, one poor with a questionable past, one comfortable with an adoring congregation, one Christian, one Jew. As the rabbi nears the end of his life, he asks Mitch to deliver his eulogy. And the adventure begins.

It’s actually several true stories – Albom’s, the rabbi’s and the preacher’s. And, like me, you might see a little of your own story here, too.

It’s a small book – 250 pages. I read it yesterday to prepare for a book club I lead at a senior center. I could read it again tomorrow.

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