Mise en Place

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned as a student of Carol Huber Cypher’s Mastering Beadwork is her concept of mise en place, or the putting in place of all the tools, beads, needles and threads, lighting and magnification before you begin a beading project.

The term originates from the culinary world – the theory that it’s the organization and preparation of the ingredients (tools at the ready, ingredients washed, chopped, measured ahead of time) that make the cooking experience more enjoyable.

I’ve been applying this concept of putting everything in the right place to other areas of my life this past week:

  • 2009 Taxes finished/2010 tax folders set up

  • Winter wardrobe cleaned and stored upstairs, spring clothes in the closet

  • Weeds rooted out; spring plantings in the ground

  • Readying the deck, which becomes an additional room this time of year

Admittedly, broadening this mis en place approach to my entire surroundings has kept me away from the blogosphere and the beading table, but I had excellent motivation. On Saturday, I’m taking a bead embroidery class from bead artist, Sherry Serafini. With everything else in my life in its place, I’ll be able to spend next week beading away – guilt free!

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