BTW - Gifts, Wrapped

Since my last BTW posting, the taxes have been finished (no small cause for celebration), the house has been spring cleaned (even greater cause for jubilation!) and I’ve finally managed to spend a few hours at the bead table (in my now impressively organized workroom!)

Leather was acquired, and a new-to-me thread, SuperLon, was purchased for the making of these fun and oh-so-trendy wrap bracelets. If inspired to make your own, an excellent tutorial can be found at Rings & Things. The wood and silver trade-bead wrap is for my son, Chase. The chrysocolla version is a birthday present for granddaughter Abi, in her favorite shade of green; and waiting in the wings is an African turquoise and wood variation with sun button, which I will finish tonight for Dani.

Tomorrow, after a nice, week long visit from Dani, the two of us head back to Pittsburgh, her new home, the car piled high with the rest of her belongings, her childhood bedroom now officially transformed into my workroom. This weekend I will drive 1500 miles, but, with luck, will be back at my bead table come Monday morning!


  1. Those are awesome! I'll check out the tutoial, I think my niece would live this!

  2. Hi, thanks on behalf of our designer Cindy for your compliment! I agree that she put together a neat-looking and easy to follow tutorial on the wrap bracelets :)

    Cheers from

    --Dave at Rings & Things,
    H.Q. of this spring's Bead Show Tour - - request your invitation!

  3. These are awesome! Saving tutorial. Following you now, pls follow me back at http://bit.ly/dF9fmq


  4. Tx for sharing these wonderful bracelets and the tutorial link! I can't wait to try them.