Blue-Sky Dreaming

After a beautiful, sun swept day in Pittsburgh with Dani, I set out at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning for the return drive to Atlanta. The first 7 hours of my solo trek home, I was treated to darkening skies, thick fog, torrents of rain and gusty crosswinds that made it a real challenge just to keep my car on the road!

Somewhere between Hickory and Charlotte, I rounded a bend and caught the butterscotch glow of a clearing sky. I could finally relax my grip on the steering wheel and turn my mind from the furious weather to fairer thoughts, like beading. I made a mental note to design something with the colors of this amazing sky – a soft, radiant blue with swirls of ivory, amber and caramel.

I literally flew through the rest of the Carolinas and north Georgia, and ran up my back steps just in time to settle in on the couch with Dan to watch the first episode of the final season of one of our favorite shows – Friday Night Lights. But not before I breezed past the kitchen table and caught sight of a Priority Mail box with a handwritten label that I just knew held the contents of my bead soup for the Bead Mavens Bead Soup Double Up.

At the first commercial break, I ripped open the box and was astonished as I tipped out into my hand the very colors of that North Carolina sky.

Mandy D, my bead challenge partner, could not have chosen a more inspiring, perfect palette of beads. The design potential is unlimited! Not a cloud in sight. Time for some blue-sky dreaming!


  1. Yeah! I'm so happy you like them! And you are right about the colors of the sky, how awesome is that?

    Ok partner, commence beading! :-)

  2. THAT is a wonderful grouping of beads...what a super special teammmate. I will recommend that to my team, the Jets. To date, we have sent "mystery" packages containing God only knows what. But to put together a 'project' bag, makes so much more sense to me--it's still components. YAY for beads and for friends.

    Gorgeous colors!!