BTW-The Power of Three

So much to explore in Margie Deeb’s color theory classes on craftedu.com. This week I played around with the triad color scheme to see if I could put together some compelling shades that I don’t normally find in my jewelry box, which is fast becoming a jewelry drawer!

This chandelier earring is a typical triadic color palette, using three colors equally spaced around the color wheel: blue-green chrysocolla rounds, purple and orange-yellow seed beads and a luscious mango quartz drop. I think you’ll agree it offers strong visual contrast and rich, vibrant colors. (The design is Louise Smith’s Charlottesville Chandelier from The Best of Step by Step Beads.)
I instantly felt more comfortable designing this complementary triad – starting with the complementary pair, aqua green and red. Then I added yellow, the color midway between my complements on the color wheel. I let the greens dominate this palette, and used the red and yellow for accents. Still pretty vibrant, even though I used less saturated versions of my hues. They'll bring a fresh twist to just about every green in my spring closet!
While the earrings are definitely fun statement pieces, I will reach more often for this still-triad, but closer-to-analogous bracelet. More subtle, this modified triadic palette is created by choosing colors that are separated by only a space on the color wheel – purple, blue and aqua. I love the pop of the bright aqua with the darker, more subdued blue and purple. (The design is a variation of Smadar Grossman’s Cube Delight bracelet from the October 2010 Bead & Button, substituting tila beads for the cubes.) It will be the perfect accessory to dress up capris and a tee this summer. It's Bead Table Wednesday! Take a minute to click the BTW button on the right to see what other bead enthusiasts are up to this week.

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  1. Great color combos! I have such trouble with color! It's amazing I can even dress myself. lol. I LOVE chysocolla! Those beads are gorgeous.