Art in the Park

This week finds me in Louisville spending time with grandsons Nate and Wesley, while their Mom returns to teaching and they get to enjoy their last week of summer before their school starts after Labor Day. Although it has been a week without beading, it hasn’t entirely been without beads. On Sunday, my daughter, sister, and I ventured across the river to Indiana to attend Art in Speed Park, where one of my favorite jewelry artists and bloggers, Bobbie Rafferty of Beadsong Jewelry, was exhibiting.
Bobbie Rafferty wearing the piece she created for TesoriTrovati’s Challenge of Music

Since finding her blog last year, I am so in awe of Bobbie’s eye for color, her range of materials, and the texture and beauty she packs into each and every piece. It was great to chat with Bobbie and see her designs in person; examining her delicate and artfully detailed watch face necklace was a special treat!

If you’re not familiar with Bobbie’s warm and inviting blog, click over to Beadsong Jewelry today and check out more of her creations.


  1. What fun it was to meet you! You and your family were such good sports to come out in the hinges-of-Hades heat...if anyone wonders how hot it was, they can just look at the photo above -- I look half melted! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the show and that you're having a blast with Nate and Wesley.

  2. Oh what a treat to get to meet Bobbie in person. Bobbie is a delightful person and amazingly talented. I have not met her in person, but she does know my brother Charles.

  3. Bobbie's blog is one of my favorites.

  4. How much fun to meet up in person! I would love that