Weave, Wrap, Walk!

When I started beading three years ago, I quickly realized that I could spend days at the bead table (literally!), so I promised myself that for every hour I spend on beading, I would dedicate 10 minutes to exercise. And yes, that includes time spent reading and writing blog posts, researching design ideas and storing away all those beads once a big project is finished.
I usually start the first hour of my morning right here at the computer, checking out what my friends in the blogosphere have been up to. Always an inspiring way to kickstart the day. By 8, I’m at my bead table.

On my bead tray this morning: finishing up some
back-to-school earrings for my daughter and granddaughters.

Nine o’clock finds me headed out the door to walk around my neighborhood – a little over 2 miles, which takes 40 minutes. I’m earning the right to spend the rest of the morning in my beadroom, and the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can help connect the unresolved parts of my designs – creativity expert, Michael Michalko calls this Creative Thinkering!  This is also stretching time for my hands and shoulders, which appreciate the rest from the demands that long hours in the studio place on them.
My afternoons almost always include a workout at Curves where I can bank another 3 hours at the bead table.
I’ve been spotty at keeping to this schedule over this hot Atlanta summer, but with the return of school and cooler mornings, I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove.
How do you fit fitness into your mix?


  1. Fantastic idea, but I would be breaking that promise left and right! Those earrings look fantastic - love the ones with the daggers!

  2. Karin I love that idea - maybe I need to get mom and I to try it. Both of us have been slugs lately so need something to motivate the both of us! Love, love, love what is on your table right now! Have fun beading and walking!