Back to School

Dani headed back to Georgia Tech yesterday, and Chase will leave for Berry tomorrow. I will miss them! This has been a bittersweet Winter Break, because it will be their last. We all thought about that when we celebrated their birthday the week before Christmas. For 22 years, we have celebrated the day together, but where they will be next year at this time is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, Dani will be engineering something somewhere and Chase will be teaching art. Given the state of the economy and dismal job market for new college graduates, that would be a very good thing indeed.

During the break, Dani helped me set up my blog, from designing the logo to introducing me to all those little brackets, slashes and quotation marks that are HTML. Color pickers, editors, it’s all fascinating. I’d love to take a class in web design. But that will have to wait until I find a good digital photography class to sit in on. All the photos on the blog so far are courtesy of Chase, fresh from a photography class at Berry and breaking in the new Nikon D3000 he got for Christmas.
He gave me a quick course in lighting, depth of field, color temperatures and reflective properties, and Dani has loaned me her point-and-shoot digital which I plan to keep on auto focus.

But for now, they’re on their last semesters and I’m on my own!

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