Ahhh ... Fall Colors

I'll admit, I'm not a summer girl. Give me cozy sweaters and jeans. The return of burgundies and plums to our wardrobes is one of the reasons Fall is my favorite season.  Needing to boost my earring inventory for upcoming Fall Art Shows and wanting to combine my newfound love of metalworking with my first love - beadwork - led to my latest designs.  I love spending my mornings hammering away in the studio and then stitching up some delicas with the TV in the background in the evenings. I think it makes for a nice soft-hard balance.

After trying several dozen combinations of silver, copper and brass with colors from Pantone’s Fall 2015 Color Report, I narrowed my Show offerings down to six.

The combination of Marsala, Cashmere Rose, and Stormy Weather in the earrings on the left is one of my favorites.  A delica mix of soft purples and rose golds inspired the pair on the right.

Our brains may be wired to think that Fall equals dark colors. But I hope these Cadmium Orange/Berry Red and Lipstick Red/Chocolate Truffle combinations prove that bright reds, whether casual or dressed up with a shine of gold, are a great transitional color choice.

Neutrals always do well in my booth, so two combinations made the final cut; classic black and white, and I’m also in love with Reflecting Pond (a midnight blue that goes great with everything), and Amethyst Orchid.

I shared my collection with my sister, my sister-in law, and three friends, and asked which they liked best. One couldn’t choose, but four selected the same pair– the black and white. 

Do you have a favorite?


  1. Love what you have created! Can I say ALL of them - though I really do like the silver background and the blue/purple beads.
    Fantastic work!

  2. Your earrings are wonderful. My favorite is the black and white.

  3. What a wonderful collect Karin! it is hard to pick, but I do feel drawn to the last set .. the brown with cream. I love the geometry of the pattern

  4. Too soon to think about sweaters and Fall! I'm envisioning myself nekkid in a wading pool under a ceiling fan in my living room! It's too hot, dang it!

    But I love all of these; my favs are the red and blue with the etched brass on top, and my second favorite are the blue and purple ones below those!

  5. My vote is for the Lipstick Red/Chocolate Truffle combination.... or maybe it's just the great color names that win me over. Great creations, all!

  6. These are all so beautiful that I am having a hard time selecting a favorite, but I'm definitely drawn to the first two that you posted! I also am really loving the mixed media here. The design is fantastic.

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