My first blog award!

My blog has been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Mandy of Beads for Brains:365! Much thanks to Mandy, whom I first met when we were paired up for a Bead Mavens challenge. (How I miss the Bead Mavens!) It was both my and Mandy’s first venture into the world of beading challenges, so we instantly bonded. If you’re not familiar with Mandy’s blog, she has, in the space of just over a year, assembled a virtual encyclopedia of all things beading.

As a condition of acceptance, I am asked to:
  1. Thank the nominee and link back to them in the post.
  2. Share 7 random facts about myself.
  3. Nominate 15 (or so) bloggers I admire.
  4. Contact them to let them know they have been nominated.

On to the 7 Random Facts:
  1. Until I took up beading 3 years ago, I had never attempted anything creative with my hands unless a couple of big-eyed macramé owls in the 1970’s count!
  2. I am thoroughly addicted to the banterings on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me on Saturday mornings.
  3. My husband, Dan, is a much better cook than I am.
  4. When I finish a beading project, I put every single bead from that project away before I can start another one.
  5. If I’m feeling out-of-sorts, it’s probably because I haven’t read a Joyce Carol Oates novel in awhile.
  6. I’ve lived in a dozen cities, from Pennsylvania to Arizona. Atlanta, my current home, is my favorite.
  7. Our four children live in Louisville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Rome, so I travel. A lot.

 And now it’s  my turn to pass this award on to another round of deserving bloggers. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Artful Living on the Bluff.  Although she has previously received this award, I had to include Cindy Caraway on my list. Artful Living is one of the first creative blogs I discovered and Cindy graciously encouraged me as a fledgling beader to explore the art of bead embroidery. I have gleaned so much inspiration from her site, and it remains a wonderful resource for design and color exploration –from soft and romantic to bold and dramatic.

Baublicious.  Karen Williams, of the Baublicious blog and Skunk Hill Studio, is a gifted artist, inspired writer, and natural teacher. I learn so much from her books, beautifully illustrated and meticulously detailed tutorials, and inspiring links. Head over to her blog right now and catch up on her current series where she’s sharing her expertise on the Elements of Design.

Beadsong Jewelry.  I recently blogged about meeting Bobbie Rafferty and seeing her one-of-a-kind designs in person at a craft fair in Indiana. She documents her life and art at Beadsong Jewelry, where her readers have come to expect posts filled with humor and grace. Oh, and if there were an award for Best Crafting of Post Titles, Bobbie would be on everyone's list for that one, too!


EB Bead and Metalworks.  Mandy, who gave me this award, was my first challenge partner, so it is only fitting that my latest partner(s), Evie and Beth McCord of EB Bead and Metalworks, are on my list. Beth writes their blog, giving us a look into their studio and sharing the hand and heart work of running a metals-enameling-lampwork business. Their collaborative pieces are a celebration of nature and the elements  - and a treat for the eyes!
Modern Nature Studio.  Kathleen Lange Klik, an extraordinary jewelry artist and photographer, inspires me with her rich, creative world at Modern Nature Studio. Blog hops are a great way to discover new artists, and that’s how I first found Kathleen and her lovely blog. I can still remember clicking on her entry and being instantly captivated.  If you’re looking for artistic expression that is beautiful, striking, inventive and unique, you will find it here.

Riverlea Beads. Shelley loves experimenting – with beads at her Riverlea Beads blog, and, as a foodie at Riverlea Foods. She shares so many aspects of her personal creativity with her readers. Whether it’s a new beading pattern or  a gluten-free tower of peanut butter and chocolate, there’s always something luscious to look at (and try for yourself) on her blogs.
Sweet Freedom Designs.  I walked into Lesley’s brick-and-mortar bead story nearly 2 years ago, and entered a sanctuary brimming with awe inspiring, creative jewelry. Her pieces were full of movement, texture and form and I left her store with a redefined sense of just what's possible with glass, gemstones and metal. If you don’t live within driving distance of Augusta, you can take a virtual tour on her blog, where Lesley shares her process of creation as well as her finished pieces of art.
Thank you again, Mandy, for being a great beading friend, and for choosing my blog for this award!


  1. Congratulations Karin, you definitely deserve this honor for sharing your creativity in such an inspiring and beautiful way!

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I am beyond thrilled and touched by your thoughtful words-you have made my day!

  2. Wow, Karin - I am honored by your kind words, and even more so by your random fact #4. As anyone who really knows me can attest, I have the (medical) inability to put things away when I am done with them. Anything from an empty Diet Coke can to the vacuum cleaner - archaeologists will be able to retrace my every step my following the trail and carbon-dating the dust on each abandoned item!

    Re: metalworking - get in touch with me, and we'll plan a workshop that fits your schedule. Fair warning: the workshop is 3 days of working-your-ass-off fun!

  3. I meant AWED by fact #4, not honored. Duh.

  4. Well, I'm gobsmacked! Not that you were recognized with the One Lovely Blog Award (which is completely deserved!), but that you chose me as one of your list!

    And just as an aside, I love Wait, Wait too! They did a show from Tuscaloosa when we lived there, and our whole family went. It was hysterically funny - there's so much that never makes it onto the radio! The only downside was that I met Peter Sagal at a pre-event reception, and when he asked me for my favorite Alabama/Auburn joke, I went into complete brain meltdown and couldn't think of a single one. I was such a disappointment!

  5. Congratulations Karin! I am so pleased for you! And while I don't comment very often, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I wish I were anywhere near as good at putting things away before starting the next project!

    And I am honored that you named my blog in your list! Thank you :)

    (oh, and my husband is a better cook than I am, too!)