Off to Idaho

Pink and gray. I rarely wear this color combination, but since I packed an open knit gray vest and pink tee for my upcoming trip west, a new accessory was needed. My outfit called for a cuff, and the current issue of Bead & Button featured a quick and easy solution - Donna Pagano Denny’s RAW Beauty bangle on page 30.

I chose a nickel seed bead base, with a soft and subtle crystal combination of black pearl, crystal, light peach, and light Colorado topaz. Pleased with the look of the first embellished strip, (Donna offers the option of ending the bracelet there), I’m glad I continued on with the pattern, because I love the structural look and feel that the addition of a second layer brings to this design. And the double-loop closure is a wonderfully clever finishing touch!

I will return to this pattern again. Although stunning with crystals running down its spine, I can see lots of design potential using gemstones, cubes, drops. But not right now. Last-minute accessory finished. Suitcase packed. Off to Idaho!


  1. HAPPY JOURNEY TO YOU:-)The bracelet is really...yummy!I like the colours,even if You consider them...delicately saying unmatching :-)

  2. Karin this looks awesome!!! Your color selection is amazing, I really really love it. I'm off to find my issue to make this NOW!

  3. I love the structure you added. Did you just add another right angle weave layer underneath the pattern?
    My pattern does not give that option. Thank you.

  4. Teri,
    I followed the pattern exactly as written in the June 2011 B&B. Did you include Step 8, where you make a second strip of RAW, and then join them in step 1 of the Assembly instructions? (I do love this bracelet, and seem to wear it all the time!)