Dreamy Orange

This wrap bracelet, in her favorite color, is going out to granddaughter Delaney, who celebrates her twelfth birthday this week. It reminds me of the orangeade, made fresh every day, that magically recirculated in the beverage machines at the Woolworth’s lunch counter when I was 12. My sister and cousins and I spent many a summer afternoon on those red leather stools gazing dreamily into the mirror behind the counter, planning our futures.

Psychologists tell us that orange is the favorite color of the lively, the curious and fearless, the planet’s big dreamers! Happy birthday, Delaney. Here’s hoping all those dreams come true!


  1. Ohhh-Hi:-)
    Ohhh,so beautiful...so decorative and in fabulous colour!
    It seems we both have had some kind of temptation to orange,composing jewels.I haven't shown it yet,but I've also composed something in orange.In addition,with 'strongly unmaching'green:-)
    HAPPY TWELVE BIRTHDAY TO DELANEY!/nice name-I love it/
    and...Bear Hugs to You:-)

  2. Karin this is adorable and the color choice is perfect! I have really gravitated to orange over the years, so bright and cheery! Did all drugstore counters have red stool tops?? I remember those too! Wasn't it great having a snack bar in the drugstore? I loved that.