Color Practice

This crystal and bugle bead bracelet by Cathy Lampole, aka That Bead Lady, has proven to be a great vehicle for practicing color theory. It works up quickly (I can finish one in an afternoon), looks stellar in monochromatic shades, and sparkles quite stunningly in complementary hues. Today I made this one in a very subtle but still striking combination of khaki, light Colorado topaz, jonquil, and jet crystals on a gold metallic bugle base. It's going to my sister, who requested a magnetic clasp. While I like these clasps for ease of use, I learned the hard way, when one of my Christmas gifts was lost by its wearer on its very first outing (attracted by a railing or a shopping cart, perhaps), to design them in the future with a safety chain.

My only problem now is in deciding what colors to try next!

1 comment:

  1. This is really pretty in the colors you used. I like your idea to use a safety chain with the clasp.