Color Challenge - Monochromatic

My color challenge this week was to make three monochromatic pieces, using three elements in each. Starting with my favorite hue - green - I chose a cool aloe green seed bead to make up the greatest percentage of these Diane Fitzgerald pointed oval earrings, accented with a warmer yellow-green in a luster finish at the tips and a matte finish around the edges. A pale green crystal nestles in the center.

Next, I liked the way the smooth, creamy surface of the blue-green pearls in this earring design from Fusion Beads is countered by the brightness of the pure blue indicolite drop. I topped them with a small aquamarine crystal.

My final project is a kumihimo woven bracelet that combines 4mm translucent glass beads in dark and light blue with two different size 8 seed beads; a matte shade of midnight blue and a silver-lined tint of blue. A glance at this on your wrist proves the theory that a single color can be interesting if the tone and finishes are varied!


  1. These are all so lovely! I especially love the second design.

  2. what a very nice combinations of blue colors!

    I want to make a kumihimo bracelet with beads, but how do i know howmany beads i will need? Can you help me?

    1. Thanks, Nolly. This is one of my favorite bracelets to wear because the colors go with everything! It's made with 4mm rounds and two colors of size 8 seed beads. You would need approximately (80) 4mm glass rounds (or pearls or crystals, etc.) along with about 35 grams of size 8's. That's enough for an 8" bracelet. Artbeads had a seed bead conversion chart for kumihimo that I find helpful when planning a project: http://www.artbeads.com/kumihimo-math-chart.html