Off to Palm Beach!

Why is it that no matter how early you start preparing, there are always a hundred things left on your list the day before you leave for vacation? I checked off the last accessory this morning.

The first night of our meeting in Palm Beach, everyone is asked to wear a white top and khaki or white slacks or skirts for a Havana-themed dinner. While lots of women consider it a wardrobe staple, I’ve never been a khaki girl, so I had to go shopping. I found a great khaki and white skirt that paired well with a white summer-weight sweater already in my closet. The sweater is trimmed with gold buttons, so I was tempted to add a little drama with a new pair of gladiator sandals (they’re so cute)! Instead, I opted to add a little shimmer with a necklace of Zulugrass strands (natural grass beads made by Maasai women in Kenya) and made use of my new right angle weave skills to finish my look with this earring. It’s an adaptation of Carol Cypher’s Fashion Magazine earrings from Mastering Beadwork. (Yes, there’s only one!) I’ll have to whip up a second one on the plane. Still have 99 things to check off that list!

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