Back to the Beading Table

I just returned from a 10-day vacation, managing only about an hour of beading on the road, and no blogging, obviously! I was having too much fun catching up with children, grandchildren, and lots of Indiana and Kentucky relatives, including an afternoon with my sister, Janet, planning our trunk show for November. I’ll bring my jewelry and my amazingly talented sister will sell her one-of-a-kind handmade cards and knitted scarves. And, oh, her scarves! Working our way through her boxes of inventory made me want to brighten up my own skills with a tapered stick and a ball of wool! She gifted this one to me, after a shameless plug that my birthday was coming up!

This scarf is a touch of heaven in silk and suede, lightweight and soft, with a generous fringe – the best part of any scarf, in my opinion. Luscious textures and colors. I love that all her scarves give warmth, but aren’t itchy, so I can wear them next to my skin. It’s nice and long, so I can wrap it in a lot of ways, or I could easily add a beaded pin or broach for a bold look. If only it wasn’t 95 degrees today, I’d wrap it around my neck right now!

After 10 days away, it's good to be home...and back to the beading table!

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