Spring 1-2-3

There are three signs that always tell me spring is here: the stand of daffodils in our side yard, rabbits feasting from our herb garden, and the pear trees that line our driveway bursting into bloom. All three were in evidence this week, the sudden cold front notwithstanding. So here are 3 earrings to celebrate the first full week of Spring.

Top, amethyst crystals ringed by a twist of lime; center, teal peyote-stitched ringlets dripping with lavender pearls (a variation of the Delirious earring pattern by Ann Benson at Beads East); and bottom, royal blue lapis lazuli cabochons set off by silver and pale peach tones in another interpretation of Virginia Jensen's Spinner rims design (Bead & Button, Oct. 2009.)

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