15 in '15

I love the promise of fresh opportunity that each January brings. Every year around this time, I grab a pencil and a stack of whatever paper is my current favorite, and I start plotting how I’m going to create those opportunities.

This year, I got an early start. Daughter, Dani, was home for the holidays and we sat down at the island in the kitchen on a crystal clear Christmas Eve afternoon and began answering the questions in Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. We spent a fun couple of hours closing the chapter on 2014 (Q. What movie genre would best describe the past year of your life e.g., adventure, tragedy, romance, drama, comedy, etc.?) and looking ahead to the new year while Dan whipped up one of our favorites…homemade goat cheese and grape pizza on a perfectly crisp whole wheat crust. We felt cared for and indulged. Very indulged!

Dani boarded her flight the day after Christmas with her 2015 goals completed and tucked in her carry-on, but I still had more work to do! Dan planned our New Year’s feast while I polished off the rest of my goals over a morning Starbucks.

I decided to share in Elizabeth Gilbert’s tradition of taking an hour at the end of each year, sitting down with some magazines and scissors, and making a collage about what you’d like the next year to feel like. When you’re finished, you have a visual/emotional wish for the New Year.

It’s an exercise in colors and images and trusting the process. I used magazines on hand and just started cutting and gluing onto a couple of pages in my journal. I was really surprised to see so many pops of red, a color I rarely use in my designs. I think Elizabeth is on to a pretty awesome tradition!

Starting this January with a plan…a visual dream…and a focus. And wishing for everyone a creative New Year!


  1. What a lovely and creative way to ring in the new year! and the yummy pizza sounds like it really helped the process along :-) Happy New Year, Karin!

  2. Happy New Year! and what a wonderful way to visualize your goals - and beautiful too!

  3. I admire your new traditions in the making! I especially love the collage idea. I'm going to think on that, as I'm thinking I could do that throughout the year to create a journal... without having to draw. ;-)

    The pizza sounds really yummy. I love goat cheese.

    Happy New Year - all the best!

  4. Hi Karen,
    Sounds like you and your daughter had a wonderful day of journaling and conversation, a very lovely way to spend a day. Happy Creative New Year to you!

  5. I think I see some of the Pantone Marsala winking out from your collage! What a great time with your daughter - a very grounded yet special conversation that set the tone for your new years. And 15 goals in 2015 - what a great theme.