Fresh Starts

I love Fall.  Partly because my birthday is in October.  But mostly because of the cool, foggy mornings, the feel of warm fabrics, and the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Energized and ready for action following a long summer hiatus from blogging and from my bead table, I spent September transitioning to a new season –refocusing, reorganizing and re-evaluating my approach to design.

Yesterday brought the first official day of Fall. I spied what to me is the very essence of the season - a trio of pie pumpkins on the shelf at my neighborhood Publix. And I received an acceptance letter into my first juried Art Show. So much to be excited about!

Here’s a look at one of the new designs I’ve been working on in September - long, sleek lariats to go with the changing necklines of Fall.
Sapphire rondelles and metal seed beads in platinum and pewter
 bring together Pantone's Royal Blue and Aluminum for Fall.
Contemporary sterling leaf shapes are from Nina Designs.

I also love the look of Sangria and Aluminum, another Pantone Fall color trend.
In this lariat I've used garnet and rose quartz rondelles with a natural ruby focal.

Like pumpkins and changing leaves,
labradorite and garnet set against brass seed beads just say Fall to me.

What are you excited about this Fall?


  1. love the look and feel to these! the colors are deep and capture all the changing leaves ... that last one reminds me of corn - really beautiful

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  3. These are lovely! Glad to see the blog active again. I always look forward to seeing your color sensibility put into play - it's inspiring!

  4. lariats are always a favorite of mine! the length, options, dangle ends ~ and the ones you made here are absolutely lovely and wearable. happy fall! i am an october baby too :-)

  5. I guess I especially love autumn because we used to take holidays then (in those glorious years before the boys were in school) :) Perfect weather for just about everything, plus delicious gifts from the earth!

    Beautiful lariat designs, Karin :)

  6. Gorgeous! Beautiful mix of colors and the silver leaf elements really make the design something special. Autumn is my favorite time of year too. Actually September-December are my favorite months of the year!

  7. Hi Karin,
    Gorgeous Lariats! I like the design so simple, but yet elegant. Congratulations on being accepted in to a juried show. Happy Fall!