Chain, Chain, Chain!

Yesterday was the 100th day of 2014, and the end of the 100 Pairs in 100 Days Challenge hosted by Copper Diem. Did I make my goal of an earring a day? More like an earring every other day! My final designs all feature chains, either by using them traditionally as dangles, or by deconstructing ornamental chain and putting individual segments to work as components. From everyday hoops to date-night statement pieces, these were great fun to design!
Central component is stitched in RAW and embellished
with pewter and iolite. Iolite and pearl dangles.

Nothing says date night like sterling and crystals.

When I began this challenge, I had a real preference for bead and wirework earrings, and took up metalworking just to be able to design them for myself. Looking over my collection from the last 100 days, I was surprised to find that my favorites were the beadwoven designs! A new passion on the horizon? What earrings do you find yourself reaching for every day?


  1. These are all wonderful, but that first pair is Spectacular!!! Those are IT!!! I would make sure all my clothes went with those earrings.

    When I reach for a pair, I go for beadweaving or metalwork or wirework or studs...I am easy that way ;-)

  2. It has been such fun to watch your progression through this challenge - and I don't think you've ever put one foot wrong in the process. Lovely, lovely earrings!

  3. Can you believe I rarely wear earrings anymore, Karin? But when I did they were BIG :) Love all your designs today!

  4. what a finale! I am in love with this set!!! that first pair really is IT! completely agree with Christine - the design is fabulous and agree with you that bead weaving is amazing for earrings! I love the earthy, native American vibe they have ... just fantastic!

  5. I love the pair with the 3 graduated chain links!

    I haven't worn earrings in years; my bushels of hair completely hide even the largest earrings!

  6. Congratulations on completing the challenge with such a variety of gorgeous work. I was amazed at the different techniques and materials you used and how proficient you are with them all. Fantastic!