100 Pairs in 100 Days - Week One

One of my New Year's resolutions was to join Amy Freeland of the Copper Diem blog in her 100 Pairs in 100 Days Challenge. This is Amy's second year to sponsor the challenge and she is very generously donating her designs to Ears to You. I love earrings but rarely take the time to make them, so this is a real challenge. I'm disciplining myself to make each pair first thing in the morning. And my plan is to sell mine and donate the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

It's January 7th, so time to reveal my first week's efforts! For this week, I decided I would go thematic, and use the color black in each pair. (Is black a color?) If your winter wardrobe has you in a downward spiral, this first pair will perk up anything drab you pull from your closet.
Tribal lampwork beads by Studio Juls. Enamel & lampwork beads by Elizabeth Girod

When the occasion calls for something a little dressier:
Sterling handformed earwires. At left, Black spinel faceted squares and mixed gemstones.
At right, Mossy Tourmalinated Quartz drops and black gold plated wavy discs

Faceted onyx and freshwater pearls;
Jet silver-foiled textured Czech lampwork, tiny sterling drops and Swarovski pearls

Lampwork beads by StudioJuls, Saki Silver leaf charms
Beaded Disco Beads (from a tutorial by Sharri Moroshok) and Czech glass

Amy has created a 100 Pairs/100 Days Pinterest board for everyone to post their progress. Lots of fun designs to explore! And stop by next week when my theme will be Winter Gardens. No more black!


  1. Love them all! I like that you had a theme for the week to unify them -- it probably also helps focus you when you walk into your bead room. Looking forward to seeing the results of the next 93 days!

  2. Love your earrings!! esp the tribal pair. Great cause you are supporting!! This is certainly a creative exercise and one requiring great discipline. Look forward to next week's.

  3. Fine earrings.All of them.'Clean',modern forms,I'd say, 'minimalistic ones'.
    I think,You'd make the real career here,in Scandinavia,because Your Work reminds of
    the common style in here.
    -All the Best-

  4. Wow - I am amazed at your resolutions. Between the 100 pairs in 100 days and the Year of Jewelry, you must lock yourself into your beading place and never emerge! (just kidding) Very good and inspiring resolutions! All of your designs are so distinctive yet wearable and none of them appear too heavy which is a problem for some folks. Great job. I look forward to seeing the other 93!

  5. Amazing earring designs, looking forward to seeing the remaining 93! Doctors Without Borders is a charity close to my family too so I wish you the very best of success with your mission.