To Fresh Starts

This is what the work surfaces in my bead studio looked like a few days ago. The holidays had taken a toll! Seed beads commingle with metal files and hammers hover perilously close to stacks of delicate rose montees. Some packages await opening, others need posting.

And here's my bead table this morning. It's home to just one project … and my list of goals for the new year. I'm using Lisa Jacobs' 2014 Creative Business Planner, which asks for 25. I've committed to 16, some mini-steps, some serious strides. All promise a very creative 2014.

Intent on a goal-friendly environment so I can concentrate on said creating, my clean-up extended to the entire studio.

My thinking corner, which just 24 hours ago was piled high with the detritus of
December projects, is now a quiet spot to dream and plan.

Books and catalogs are tidied on their shelves.

Beads are closeted away by color and size in their bins and boxes.

Who doesn't love a fresh start and a clean slate?


  1. Oh, love your reading/thinking corner! That chair looks oh so comfortable! I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  2. that 'thinking chair' looks fantastically comfy and perfect for dreaming up new designs! wishing you a wonderful new year!

  3. I wish the fairies (or cabana boys) would come make this happen at my shop and my house! It would be so nice to start the new year with a clean, organized work space! And I'm jealous of that chair!!!

    Happy New Year, and Happy Creating!

  4. Very inspiring, Karin... I have just one plan for 2914, and that is to organize and destash!

    Many Blessings for the New Year!

  5. I do not have a large pile, but I sure would like to put away the few odds and ends scattered about.

    Love your colored trays, I do something similar, but your trays just LOOK so inviting. I had to separate out my seed beads from the larger beads.

  6. That looks like a great fresh start!

  7. I love your studio space! Very nice!