May Bead Journal Project

With winter a no-show in Atlanta this year, my May Bead Journal Project celebrates the earliest, longest-running, and  most colorful Spring in memory.
"Spring comes: the flowers learn their colored shapes."
- Maria Konopnicka

In April, a reader asked if my Bead Journal project  would be used as a pendant, and I thought, why not make that my goal for this month? I oriented May's project horizontally, pairing it with some enameled rounds, a bold crystal and some leafy chain. It's ready to bring a bright touch of Spring floral to the simplest of outfits.


  1. Wow - i got a shout-out in this post! I absolutely love this pendant, and the necklace you built around it - nicely done!!

  2. The pendent itself is beautiful - I really like the variety of textures - and your finished piece must be wonderful to wear!

  3. Your BJP is great and the necklace is fabulous!