April BJP-Remembering TKaM

My Bead Journal Project for April celebrates the 50th anniversary of the making of the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird.  The book, by Harper Lee, is one of a handful of novels I read at least once every decade.  And I never tire of watching the movie. Who hasn’t fought back tears when, in the famous courtroom scene, Reverend Sykes says to Scout, “Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passin'.”  Referring, of course, to Atticus Finch/Gregory Peck, just about the greatest fictional father of all time.

I’ve included some of my favorite images from the story in this piece – a mockingbird wing, picket fence, a tire swing mid-flight. In keeping with the black-and-white film, I’ve kept my colors to muted blacks, blues and grays, warming the palette up just a bit with the purple trail that wanders through the piece just like Harper Lee's words have woven their way through my life.


  1. Hi:
    *To Kill a Mockingbird* by Harper Lee is one of my favorite books.I can say-I was raised on it.The beaded illustration looks very adequate.
    The film adaptation was also good-a pity,that in black & white,though it might refer stronger the times,the action of the novel was placed.
    You have kept almost monochromatic mood of the novel too.
    Warm Greets-Halinka-

  2. Beautiful piece and I enjoy all the symbolism you have added.

  3. It is so fun to see everyone pieces each month! Love all the symbolism. Your piece is well thought out and just gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful piece. To Kill A Mockingbird is a great classic book. I only read the book once when I was in the 11th grade, but I have seen the movie a couple of times.

  5. This is a beautiful piece, I love it. I also love that you told us how you are inspired by a great novel.Every time I read it I find another little bit of human strength or human frailty.Great job.

  6. I am utterly amazed that you got so many parts of the story, and the feel of the movie, and the way it has affected your life, ALL in such a small piece. That takes talent! And, to have it stand alone as a compelling piece, even before one reads what you have to say about it. I am touched by it and in awe of your creativity.

    Robin A.

  7. Lovely piece! It has my favorite colors of beads, a wonderful source of inspiration, and a creative, original design! I'd say it has it all!