Harlequin Romance-February BJP

The idea for this month’s Bead Journal Project came to me on a visit to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to catch the Modern Art: Picasso to Warhol exhibition. I turned a corner in an exhibit space and was stopped short by a Picasso painting, rather dreary at first glance, until my eye caught a tall figure on the right edge wearing diamond patterned multi-colored tights, and my February idea was born: a focal heart (this one by Susan Barnes of Fire Goddess Beads) against a harlequin background.

We’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel and have been evicted from our house for a couple of days while our floors are being refinished. So my piece was finished today in a hotel room, photographed on the window sill with the air conditioner going full blast to minimize the fumes from the drying E-6000. The things we beaders will do to keep from missing a deadline!


  1. Hi Karin
    Another very strong and tactile piece. Your work begs to be handled.

    We watched a very interesting programme on David Hockney the other night. Does his work appeal to you? He has a big exhibition on in London.

    I'm very disappointed that I couldn't include your piece in the collage. It just wouldn't accept the photo. However, I've just thought of a way round it so I'll have another go shortly.

  2. That is a great piece and you are right about the things we beaders will do.

  3. This is gorgeous! The colors and textures are just dreamy. To funny about the ac, your right us beaders will do about anything! Very creative :)

  4. Just love that background...what a marvelous idea!

  5. Your harlequin background is amazing. I've been studying it and notice that all sections are not the same. I'm thinking this is what gives life and zing to it. Bravo!!!!