EAD Dress-Up-a-Casual-Tee Edition

Continuing the January earring-a-day challenge, I managed to create 5 this week, all just a bit dressy to spice up a casual tee.

I bought a tube of Tila beads six months ago, but never found the perfect use for them, until I came across this Carole Ohl design:

As my Tila earrings lay on my bead table, I noticed that a scrap piece nearby, the point of a star that ended up being too large, was approximately the same size and shape as my finished earring. Instead of cutting up the scrap, could I repurpose it into an earring?
 After reorienting the point, adding some tiny crystals and a slender dagger, it was ready for an earwire!
That silver and black earring with its jet dagger led to this aqua green and black version:

I recently began receiving catalogues from Arhaus Jewels, and as I thumbed through each edition, I always seemed to linger over these silver and turquoise crescents.

I set out to duplicate them with seed beads. Although I took up this earring-a-day-challenge to build up my show inventory, I like this pair so much, they just might have to stay with me!

My final pair for this week is designed around a component from Maggie Roschyk’s new book, Artistic Seed Bead Jewelry. I love how the red-orange and aqua blue work together in this pair, as classy from the backview as from the front!


  1. Beautiful work..I love the addition of the daggers with the seed beads, too.

  2. Hi:-)))
    Fantastic collection!
    Superb ideas!
    In my opinion,it is very difficult to design earrings:it seems-they're so small,not big surface to maneuvre with either the invention,or
    the material to use and in addition-we always have to make two identical ones.It's really hard to have always fresh,ready made ideas for such small items.Yours are very decorative.I'd have a problem,which ones to choose,but the last ones...really jawdropping:-))
    Warm Hugs-Halinka

  3. Earring Envy!!!!!!!!!!!! These are so great!