Sun Glinting on Sea

I found this faceted focal bead a couple of months ago on a trip to the Georgia coast with my son. Chase was on a job search, and I took the opportunity to hang out in an area bead store while he interviewed. When The Sea surfaced as this month’s Inspired by Nature challenge, this lampwork beauty was an obvious choice. The pattern and colors of the pendant are straight from nature, and the center features what might be a treasure of the sea, scooped from the shore and enclosed in glass forever.

 I decided to focus on the yellow-greens and deepest blues for my neckstrap. Hollow netted tubes encase more than a hundred Jet AB2X crystals, creating an ever-changing glitter pattern as it’s worn – moving points of light, reminiscent of the sun’s reflection on the changing surface of the sea.

You can see more sea-inspired accessories at the Inspired by Nature Flickr group.


  1. Fantastic, I adore the idea of the crystals within the tube, what a beauty it must be when worn, glimmering and twinkling with the changes in light

  2. Wow! That looks *exactly* like a bead I owned for more than a year, and decided to finally sell in my down beD shop, only I am in Augusta GA. I wonder if my bead made its way to coastal GA, or if yours is just a very similar bead, by the same (talented) lampworker? Either way, it is a gorgeous bead, and I know who made it!!