Inspiration-Tiger Lily

I rarely make a piece for myself, but I was invited to a wedding tonight, and wore a sweater that was in the warm-red, coral pink tones of the tiger lily. Despite a flutter of ruffles, my sweater still called for a necklace, something understated, that didn’t shout for attention.

A dyed jade flower in the colors of the tiger lily became my starting point. My stash yielded some additional rounds and glass beads in warm oranges. Top-drilled peridot and a gold CZ round gave the needed contrast and shine. Finally, I mixed up a bead soup in analogous shades from orange-yellow to magenta. Did you notice the name of my primary seed bead in this mix? Despite the name, it’s a very agreeable, low-intensity amber that always looks good, no matter what I pair it with.

It was a wonderful wedding, celebrated at the Panda Pavilion of Zoo Atlanta. A beautiful summer night, a new necklace, a good time with friends, and I’ve never seen a groom so in love with his bride!

To see some truly inspired tiger lily designs, click over to the Inspired by Nature Jewelry Challenge, and prepare to be amazed by this week's challenge responses!


  1. This is very pretty! I also really like the black and gold piece that you posted in the previous blog.

  2. Hi,Karin:-)
    When I looked at the photo with the prepared beads for the necklace it all reminded a good set of delicious food :-)
    The necklace is remarkable.You have managed to create the variety of tastes and even smells :-)
    I love its irregularity.Thanks to this it will never become so dull.I never liked the jade flowers so much,thought this gemstone has got so great variations of unrepeatable colors,that I should have been interested in them,as special pieces of Chinese art,but I've never bought them and never made anything with.However,recently I have bought the almost green rose made from jade,which is very similar to the focal of Your necklace and is waiting for my good mood to do something about it.Some kind of telepathy...? :-)
    I can only imagine You in this beautiful sweater,matching to the necklace and oppose...Good feeling and satisfaction from our looks is very important at the party to call it wonderful:-)
    Happy,You felt like that.
    Best Greetings-Halinka-

  3. I love it Karin! That bead mix looks a lot like the mix you sent me, the colors are gorgeous!