Shades of Summer

In a couple of weeks, I will be in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and will have the opportunity to introduce the art of beadweaving to a large group of women. Exciting!

I’ll be teaching Cathy Lampole’s Crystal Kisses bracelet (with permission from Cathy), chosen because it uses larger beads and only two stitches, and our novice beaders will leave sporting some very chic bling. I wanted to offer three colorways, inspired by the beauty of the area and the ripe hues of summer.

I chose a palette of blue and green crystals to reflect the sparkling waters of the many lakes in the area and bugle beads that shimmered with the same pigments. But as I stitched, I was getting a sense of a muted, stormy sea, not the dreamy, crystal lakes of North Idaho. I switched to silver bugles, and worked up a sample of both.

Check out the indicolite crystal square, second from left and fourth from the right. The one on the right is much more vivid and in keeping with my goal. Glad I took the time to test out the effect of the dark Fireline and the bugles against the crystals. Now this colorway is as sunshiny bright as the others.


Which would you choose?


  1. I LOVE this bracelet!!!! They are really beautiful, I would definitely chose the turquoise and browns, tres chic! And is that copper or bronze beads in there? This is a great pattern. I may be teaching a class of ladies at a local senior center and have been looking for a trendy bracelet that is easy with larger beads. These ladies are still very active and stylish so I wanted something blingy. Will have to take a look at Cathy's pattern, I'm thinking the cost of the crystals might put it out of my per student price range since I'll be supplying them with kits. Thanks and have fun!

  2. Lovely design and fun blog to read.
    Eva Maria

  3. Those are gorgeous! I'm really drawn to the turquoise and brown one.