Color Challenge - Complementary

Maximum vividness.

David McCullough writes with it. If you watched the Grammy’s last night, you know Mick Jagger, at 67, still performs with it. And you can achieve it in design when you pair complementary colors, as I’ve done in each component of this Carole Ohl Kaleidoscope Quilt Cuff. The sharp lines and combination of crystals and delicas made it the perfect project to work out my complementary assignments from Margie Deeb’s color theory class on craftedu.

My favorite triangle is this chartreuse and red-violet swatch. I love the contrast between the colors as well as the crystal/matte metallic finishes.

The most interesting to stitch was this blue and orange combination. The yellow-orange crystals are encased in a very deep shade (really a muted tone) of blue. When the transparent baby blue delicas were snugged up against the muted tone, they changed their character and became almost silver-grey, themselves. The triangle is edged in a pure Cerulean blue. I will definitely use this colorway again.

On to analogous!

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